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Innovation ENJINE Challenge: Stage One Winning Ideas

Throughout Stage One of the Innovation ENJINE Challenge, New Jersey State government employees have leveraged their knowledge, expertise, and experience to develop ideas to improve New Jersey State government for the benefit of our residents and communities in the Garden State. Throughout the competition, more than 2,000 employees from every level of more than 20 different departments and agencies have participated, and hundreds of ideas have been contributed. The following top twenty ideas - as rated by these participating public officials - have been selected to advance to Stage Two.

Implementation plans are now sought for these Stage Two Ideas. Teams and individuals are invited to apply, whether or not they submitted the original idea.

Similar ideas that ranked in the top twenty have been consolidated. Doing so allows additional ideas to be considered for implementation. The Governor's Office has also selected five “Impact Ideas” that, although not meeting the voting threshold, will also be included in Stage Two.

Please note that inclusion as a shortlisted idea in Stage Two is not an endorsement of the proposal. In fact, most of the listed ideas have robust pro- and con- discussions on their merits on the portal. Rather, being in the Top 20 reflects interest in exploring the idea further.

For additional details regarding Stage Two, download the Stage Two Implementation Plan Submission Form at:

State Employee Top 20 Voted Ideas

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Flexible Work
Allowing for telecommuting and flexible scheduling could reduce attrition and save money

Lauren Laielli
Gary Burnett
David Philips
Michael Arteen
Bianca Kwiatkowski
Minerva Maharaj
Christopher Mak
Ashley Adams
Larry Heidenberg
Samantha Reid
Tisha Williams
Jason Timmerman
Francis A. Milligan

Streamlining of State Hiring Processes
Speeding up hiring processes could result in more effective HR outcomes.

Lynn M Certo

Implement Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology
Instituting modern contract technologies could increase cybersecurity, enhance efficiency and save money.

Antonio Giaquinto

Assistant Family Service Worker Career Advancement
Allowing Assistant Family Service Workers to transition to Family Service Specialist Trainees could lead to better trained workers and increase employee retention.

Lauren Randhawa

Digital Document Submission
Enabling digital submissions could reduce paper and labor costs.

Barry Ableman

Workplace Fitness + Wellness
Promoting workplace fitness, such as the installation of gyms, could reduce healthcare costs and improve moral.

Andre Brown

Merit-Based Promotion
Replacing standardized tests as the sole qualification for promotion could improve the quality of government.

Regina Avery

Workplace Child Care
Providing child care could reduce turnover and absenteeism and improve productivity.

Rashida Ambawala

Reinstate Black Friday Holiday
Getting the day-after Thanksgiving off could increase sales tax revenue.

Doris Wood

Make Parking Easier While on Duty
Exempting state employees from parking meter rules while working could result in efficiencies .

Rose Castillo

Free Public Transit for State Employees
Providing free access to public transit could reduce traffic and encourage the use of public transit and eliminate disparities.

Vishal Singla

Property Tax Reform
Lowering property taxes could help retain retirees as state residents.

Vishal Singla

Change Motor Vehicle Commission staffing
Changing MVC agency staffing schedules could ensure better coverage at busy times and reduce the public’s wait times at peak hours.

Heather Camperchioli

Inflation-based Compensation Enhancements
Instituting inflation-based raises could increase employee retention.

Indira Nunez

Expansion of Tuition Reimbursement Policies
Broadening tuition reimbursement eligibility could increase employee retention.

Susan Iglesias

Promotion of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Plans in Employee Recruitment
Promoting existing public service loan forgiveness programs during recruitment efforts could improve the State’s ability to attract talented individuals.

Frank Ciampi

Dress Code Reform
Modernizing dress code standards could increase employee morale and productivity.

Richard Boone

Supply of Office Amenities
Providing basic office amenities could increase employee morale and productivity.

Jaroslaw Adamkiewicz

Provide Pay Grade Increase for Employees with Advanced Degrees
Providing a pay grade increase to employees with advanced degrees could increase employee retention and morale.

Vishal Singla

Direct Deposit on Supplemental Paychecks
Allowing for direct deposit on supplemental paychecks could reduce staff time and materials required to issue paper checks.

Christina Sigmon

Governor’s Office “Impact Ideas”

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State Talent Bank
Creating a talent bank of existing State employees with specialized skills, that would be used by State departments and agencies, could create a more diverse, skilled and agile workforce and decrease personal services/consultant expenses significantly.

Trish Barby

One-Stop Accounts
Creating and utilizing centralized electronic accounts could make it easier to interact with New Jersey State Government.

Laura Scatena

Paid State Internships for Youth
Allowing paid opportunities for youth to work with the State could allow them to get job training or explore career opportunities in fields that interest them and increase a pipeline for civil service workers.

Jennie Blakney

Chat Bots
Creating chat bots that help citizens navigate government could improve customer satisfaction, expand service hours, and lessen demand on call centers.

Mary Leather

Database of Shared Applications
Creating an online inventory of shared digital applications for the State could increase efficiency in technology development and procurement across departments and divisions.

Charles Williams